Welcome to my life!

There are a lot of blogs out there so how on earth did you end up on mine?!

Welcome to my crazy life and I hope you enjoy the ride. Here’s a bit about me:

My life has been anything but boring. Brought up half way across the world, I moved to Canada on my own when I was 17 to attend university. I fell in love with my husband and ended up staying here and we now have three beautiful kids and I have not slept since 2010. Two out of the three were surprises after being told I could never get pregnant. My little miracles.

I am a high school teacher for Mathematics, Science and Business. I love this job regardless of the ups and downs that it comes with.

But I also love being a mother to three kids, making people laugh, gardening, skin care and getting in over my head with DIYs. Visit my Instagram page and see for yourself as I share a bit of everything!

Come along for the ride and keep checking my posts!