Amazing sister!

IMG_2341I am blessed to have the most amazing big sister anyone could ask for. She is also the most wonderful, generous and loving aunt to my kids. She provides them with whatever they need and showers them with hugs and kisses. She is also a family doctor! Is there anything this woman can’t do?

Much to the delight of my kids, she came for a visit after picking up some Botox for her clinic. Botox needs to stay very cool so it is stored in dry ice. Being the amazing aunt she is, she decided to show the kids how the ice reacts with water…always the scientist! The kids were amazed at the “magic” she created when she dropped some in water (with proper safety precautions of course!). They totally got a kick out of it when the ice started “farting” when in water…ah the things that make kids laugh.

So if you ever get your hands on some dry ice (figuratively speaking of course) then introduce your kids to a part of the wonderful world of science!

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