Safe for Kids

23ed2-29402024_502423410152999_296876445966270464_nLet me start off with the mentioning that I am not getting paid to promote these products nor did I receive them for free.

I am one of those moms who is paranoid about all those chemicals that our children are getting bombarded with. Don’t think that I won’t let my kids indulge in the glory that is junk food every so often. I mean, what is life without the occasional McDonalds and Blizzards? But there is one thing I am adamant about being natural and that is the stuff I put on their hair and skin. Having an obsessive personality, I cannot rest until I have researched everything about a product before buying it. I started looking at car seats when I first got pregnant and finally decided on the right one near the end of the pregnancy; that’s in how much detail I look into things.

I tried different natural shampoos, body washes and lotions but was never really sold on any of them. Then I discovered the Environmental Working Group or that goes into excruciating detail about what is inside the products and rates them based on their risk levels of toxicity. How flipping amazing is that?! All I want to know about ANY product is in one website! LOVE!!

So after my usual Sherlock Holmes style of investigating different products for my kids, I have found the Holy Grail of bath products and sunscreen. Attitude Living (see picture) has the most amazing line for adults and kids and I have never found a line so gentle yet so effective. Their lotion for sensitive skin rid my daughter of her eczema in no time that I now use it on all three of them. Their packaging is adorable, which never hurts. I loved their bath lines so much I have now bought their all purpose cleaner and toy cleaner. They are also very reasonably priced which matters a lot to someone on a tight budget.

In terms of sunscreen, Think Sport and Think Baby are my favourites. I have tried every other brand out there (although I just discovered that Attitude Living now makes sunscreen so I will have to give it a try – just being honest!) and this sunscreen is absorbed fast with no white residue or greasy feeling and it handled the hot Florida sun for two weeks like a champ. More importantly, it is also one of the best rated sunscreens by EWG. I have already stocked up for this summer because it does have the tendency to get sold out due to its popularity. So if you are looking for a sunscreen that is safe to slather on your kids and know that they are protected, you have to give this line a try.

So why tell you all this? Because I wish I had someone recommend things to me so I could at least have a place to start at when looking for products to try or look into. I hope I have helped you, even in a small way, come to learn about new products to buy and try!

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