SLIP Silk Pillowcases

Every since I started noticing the fine lines around my eyes and the deep hills and valleys on my forehead, I have become slightly obsessed with discovering ways to slow down the aging process without having to go under the knife. I love trying out new skin care products. While neck deep in my research, I came across and article about sleeping on silk pillowcases and the benefit it has for your skin and hair. It is said to be anti-aging, anti sleep crease and a preventer of bed head.

Always the adventurer, I decided to give it a try. I searched high and low for pillows that had great reviews. I came across a brand that I bought from Amazon for a reasonable price of $30 each. I love them! While I have been only using them for a few months, I cannot swear by their anti aging benefits but holy smokes are they a dream to sleep on!

Yet, I couldn’t get this one brand that I read about out of my head..SLIP. Award winning and cult favourite silk pillowcases. So why didn’t I buy them at first…the price. Not for the faint of heart, they retail at around $100 a piece. Ouch. After much debate in my brain, I decided to treat myself. How often do us moms forget about ourselves?

Much to my delight (and my husband’s horror) the pillowcases arrived. Living in Canada,  I had to swallow the extra price of having it delivered from the States. First off, the packaging is gorgeous. I actually kept the small boxes the cases came in (yes, I bought two). I ordered the champagne colour to stand out from all our white cotton ones so my husband doesn’t throw them in the wash..yup, my hubby does laundry. Did I mention silk pillowcases must be hand washed? Yes, do not forget that or you might as well throw a hundred dollars in the wash!

Ok, back to the pillowcases. I am in love! Oh so smooth and luxurious. You can definitely tell the difference between these ones and the cheaper versions (which I still use because, c’mon, who has all the money to burn?). The material is thicker and dare I say, silkier? I find myself sleeping better on them as they remain cool throughout the night. I also have very curly hair so gone are the days when I look like a grown up Mufasa from the Lion King.

Now if the $100 price tag makes you faint, they have come up with a more affordable version where only one side of the pillowcase is silk and the other cotton. So if you are not completely sold on silk cases, this may be a good option for you.

So listen to me and treat yourself! You deserve to have a good night sleep and wake up with smooth skin and tame hair. So excuse me now while my husband still tries to wrap his head around why a pillowcase should cost so much and I go rest my head on a cool cloud of silk!

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