And then there were five…

One year ago, my life seemed like it was all falling into place. I was busy mom of two kids about to start a full time teaching job. Finances seemed to be getting in order and it was smooth sailing from here. You know the calm before the storm? Yes, we were on the verge of experiencing a crashing wave of unexpected news the day before I would start my new job…I was pregnant.

We were done having kids. I had a wonderful boy and a gorgeous girl so why mess with that? I gave everything baby related away. EVERYTHING! So you can imagine that the news that we were expecting another baby was, let’s say, not exactly received with complete happiness. Was I a horrible person for freaking out that I was pregnant? That all the plans I had were to be put on hold? Let me explain the seriousness of the situation….we now had to buy a van…yes a minivan…the automobile I swore I would never own. Yet here I was having to face the grim reality that I was going to be a van owner. Oh yes, not to mention the small fact that we had no money to raise another child, that my career would be on hold and that we did not have enough rooms in the house…but a van?! The humanity!

I do not think I came to terms with being pregnant again until I felt him move. It took me a long time to start feeling excited about another baby because all the other worries were too overwhelming. Nine months later I welcomed a healthy baby boy who captured my heart the moment I laid eyes on him. I look back at the time I was freaking out over having another child and I wish I could have told myself to take a deep breath. I wish I could have told myself that this little guy was going to add so much joy and happiness to our family that it would be incomplete without him.

So here we are, a family of five, with a minivan. Life has by no means been easy. Finances are tight and vacations are few and far between. We are blessed with our parents and my sister who have supported us through it all. I was able to return to work thanks to my mom and dad taking care of all three kids while I am away. I can never repay them for their sacrifice. Not only did they raise my sister and I, but they now look after three rambunctious kids during the day. My mom even tries to clean the house and do my laundry! This woman is not human! She puts anyone else to shame with the amount that she can accomplish in a day and she is over 70. My dad is a pillar of strength and support I could never do without; my Abee. I love them and cherish them for all that they do for us and I never be able to express the immense gratitude I feel towards them.

I want to share the reality of being family in all its glory. I dislike the portrayal of these “perfect” families on social media where the mom is all glammed up, the dad and kids look like they could be cast in Leave it to Beaver and the house looks like its being featured in Architectural Digest. Geez, I would be lucky if my hair is brushed, there is no spit up on my shirt and that I make it through a room without being speared by a rogue piece of lego on the floor. So be prepared for the, not always pretty, but always honest truth of raising three kids in today’s world.


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