Partner in crime

Most of the time, moms get all the recognition and glory of caring for a family. Don’t think I disagree! I believe we deserve a parade for what we do; we are amazing women and deserve that praise. The fathers, however, for the most part, don’t seem to get their fair share of it.

Take my husband of 11 years. We have been together for 17 years, first and last partners. Despite knowing about my severe anxiety, which made being with me not always pleasant, he stood by my side and never let me go. Most guys would run for the hills before they got “stuck” with someone with certain issues but my man has a heart of gold and was and still is my rock.

Forward years later and now we are parents of three wonderful children. I always knew he would be a good father but he has blown me away. Sure, he didn’t carry them for 9 months and squeeze them out of a space that defies logic. But he woke up with me for all the feedings even though he had to wake up at 5am for work. I also went through postpartum depression after two of the births and no matter how bad it got, he was by my side doing everything in his power to help. He ended up even doing some of the night time feedings himself while I slept! My parents and sister were also saviours during this time (that’s another post) and with all their help, I was able to pull through it.

He works so hard at work and comes home ready to help with the kids and the house. He pampers me with trips to the spa a few times a year so that I can decompress. He cooks, cleans and cares for the kids whenever he can.

Now, we are not perfect. We are two individuals who are stubborn and hot headed and there are many “disagreements”. Some big and some small. Through it all, we still love each other more with every day that passes and that will never change.

So here is a big thank you to my amazing husband, father and partner in crime. I do not thank you enough for all that you do for us. Our children are beyond blessed to call you daddy!

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