Swallow – Word Prompt

So today’s word prompt is “Swallow“. The first thing that came to my mind was “pride”. I am a very stubborn and hot headed woman. Not my best qualities. Anytime there was a disagreement, I would never back down whether I was right or wrong. I had to make my point clear even though those arguments escalated way beyond what was acceptable. I do blame a lot of it on my immaturity at the time. Being the winner was more important to me than maintaining the peace.

So here I am now. Not perfect by any means but I have learned that to keep a calm and happy family, you sometimes have to swallow your pride to end a disagreement. Accept the other person’s opinion or decision or be the one to apologize first. Words such as “you’re right” and “I’m sorry” can be very calming to a tense situation. It is not easy; I struggle with it and I don’t always do it either! But I find that when I do, it leaves the other person with nothing else to say or argue about and sometimes even makes them reciprocate the gesture.

I like being right. I don’t like backing down. But I love maintaining the peace of my family more than vindicating myself.

Swallow your pride. It hurts and doesn’t go down that easy but have faith that showing this attitude will add blessings to yourself and your loved ones. I remember my parents showing humility so many times and I used to think “What are you doing? You’re right, so why are you backing down!” How foolish I was. I realize that they had the family’s interest ahead of their own. Thank you mom and dad for being such wonderful role models so I can pass it along to my children.

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