That’s great…

I am happy to hear how wonderful your child is, I sincerely do. Yet, I do believe there is a limit to how much you can brag about your kid. I love to hear how great they are doing at school, how well behaved they are and how they have some amazing talent that you want to show off. Honestly, it’s refreshing considering how many times we complain about our kids these days! But I have recently noticed that parents are trying to one up each other. So one parent shows off a painting their kid made the other day:

“Look at this painting of a dog Johnny made at school!”

“Wow! Here look at a house Jason built out of lollipop stocks, isn’t it wonderful?”

“Yes but look! Here is an exact replica of the Mona Lisa that Megan painted in kindergarten!”

You get my drift. I’m all for being proud of your kids. I want to throw a parade if my kid dresses himself! But don’t do it just to downplay another parent. Instead be proud with them! Too often we drag others down to feel better about ourselves. I admit to having done that sometimes; we’re human. But being a parent is hard enough without others making you feel like a failure. We compare ourselves way too much to others. After three kids, you’d think I’d learn to stop doing that but I can’t help it sometimes. A few days ago I was saying how proud I was that my son was standing on his own at 12 months. Only to be followed by a mom stating “only standing, when Daniel was that old he was running! But standing is okay, he’ll get there” Great, wonderful, can’t wait to see Daniel at the Olympics. Thanks for that…I feel awesome right now! See what I mean?

So moms and dads out there, be proud of all your kids achievements no matter how big and small. Share in other parents’ moments and stop comparing yourself to them. You’ve got this; you’re a great parent and let no one tell you any different. ❤️

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