I’m obsessed with skin care lately and one company I always turn to is Deciem

Started in Toronto (yeah Canada 🇨🇦) it has a product for everyone and every concern. Seriously, there is not enough room in this blog to tell you about everything they carry. Produced sustainably and ethically and sold at incredibly affordable prices (like $7 serums!), there is no wonder this company has a cult following.

My vanity is full of their products. Here are my latest acquisitions and a bit about them. You have to try their products…you’ll never look back.

1. Buffet serum with copper peptides replaces my original buffet serum which I finished. With too many benefits to list, the additional copper helps even out skin tone and minimize blemishes. Love it’s blue color 💙

2. Sanskrit Saponin is a cleanser that works to clear out and minimize your pores without a drying effect. I’ll admit it has a unique smell but nothing that lingers. Acne breakouts have all but disappeared.

3. Rose🌹hip seed oil is well known for its ultra hydrating properties and is now what I use as a moisturizer. No oily feel as your skin just soaks it up.

4. Hand moisturizer with HA to keep your hands young looking and soft. I am obsessed with the smell! I have ordered more to keep in the office and my purse.

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