Sleep regression

Wow…I thought by my third kid I would be prepared for anything. But this guy had other plans for me! He has gone through every sleep regression in the book and now we are at 12 months.

With two other kids needing sleep for school, the cry method is out the window. This kid has a set of lungs on him…just ask the doctor who circumcised him!

So a mattress on the nursery floor it is for me. He falls asleep so fast but he has a sixth sense knowing when he’s in the crib and then he loses it! I’ll pick him up, settle him, put him back down, pat him, he sleeps for an hour and then repeat. I’m tired…dear heavens, I have never been this tired especially since I work full time too. But I’ll pick my battles. My husband tries to help out during the weekends but when he sees dad instead of me, he freaks out even more! The guys got no boobies for him!

So I’ll take one for the team and at least the rest of the family is getting some rest and hopefully this nightmare will end.

In honour of this, here is my latest parenting meme:


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