Sleep training….I GIVE UP! Actually, I gave up. A long time ago. I tried it all. Read all the books and articles. Maybe I started to late with each of them or maybe I have the most stubborn assed children on the planet…I am leaning towards the latter, to be honest.

Everyone has these opinions. Don’t nurse them to sleep. Let them cry it out. Create a routine. Read this book. Read that book. Oh just shut it! Trying all of these things made us all miserable. My daughter would cry so hard for so long that she would throw up. We’d come in and clean it all up and she wised up.

“If I throw up, mommy and daddy come back…hmmmm”.

So guess what she started doing? Shoving her hand down her throat so she’d puke!!! No thank you. Nope. No way. I will rock her to sleep until my ass goes numb because if not, everyone is, my husband, our son and even the dog. So I picked my battle. I brought in an inflatable mattress and slept in her room and slowly made my way out into the hallway with it until she no longer needed me. It took months. But guess what? We were all sleeping. She’s 6 now and has no issues with bedtime.

So then came baby #3….I guess he got the memo informing him that he had to top his sister and he did not disappoint. We tried it all again and no luck so I didn’t even hesitate this time. I had two kids who needed a good night sleep for school and I was not going to have them suffer through his screaming episodes. So now I have bruises on my arms from the crib bars because he likes to hold my hand when he sleeps. I have to be in the room until he falls asleep and sometimes I have to go in during the night and pat him on the back or even stay there. Some sleep is better than no sleep, especially for my husband and I who work full time jobs.

They grow up. They won’t need mommy as much anymore and if you are like me, with a toddler, that sounds like heaven right now. But take my word for it, you will miss it. Being needed becomes part of who you are and when it stops, you find yourself mourning the loss no matter how many times you bitched about it while they were young.

So I am milking this time with my youngest. I’ll hold his hand until I can’t feel mine. I will stay in the room all night if I have to because the time is coming when he will yell at me to get the heck out of there….queue the teenage years.

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