I love skin care. I started getting into it about 2 years ago when I noticed the fine lines and wrinkles starting to come in along with hormonal acne that has plagued me for years. You’d think that at my age you wouldn’t have to worry about breakouts!

I love trying new products that are free of all those bad chemicals and I thought “Why not share my experience with people so they can tell if it is something they would like to try?” I rely heavily on reviews so I decided to be part of them.

Yesterday I tried Glow Recipe’s Charcoal rubber mask. I have a soft spot for Korean skin care and heard amazing things about this brand.

So here is the mask container. It comes in a plastic cup with instructions on the top. Always wash your face before applying any type of mask. I love Banila Co Clean it Zero cleansing oil. It comes solid (see pic) but melts onto your skin as you rub it in. Gently massage it into your face and then wet your hands and rub again. You will see the oil begin to emulsify as it draws out all the dirt off your face. Finally rinse and pat dry. 

When I first heard about cleaning with oil, I wasn’t convinced. I thought with my oily/combination skin that adding oil would make matters worse. I was wrong! It does the complete opposite, it draws all the excess oil out while leaving your skin clean and moisturized. 

Back to the mask, I like using a mask kit I bought from Amazon that comes with a mixing tool and face mask brush.

The mask comes as a powder and with a measuring cup. Add seven cups of water to the powder and mix vigorously and you will end up with a gray paste. Use the brush to spread it all over. Make sure you leave the edges nice and thick or you will end up with the dry edges that make it harder to peel off (as you can see in my pictures). I loved the cooling effect of the mask…almost a menthol feel to it. After 20 minutes, I peeled it off and was left with some residue that came off easily with water. Then use a toner and moisturizer and you are done!

Verdict? I loved it. I have to say the cooling feel of the mask was awesome given the warmer weather. I did not break out as i sometimes do with other masks. I also liked that while it cleaned my face, it didn’t leave it feeling dry and tight. There is A LOT in one cup. You could even consider splitting it with someone or saving half the powder for another application. 

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