If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I use ladybugs in my garden as a natural pest control. I love growing Petunias but every year they get infested with those pesky aphids that literally suck the life out of my flowers. After A LOT of research, I decided to go all natural and buy their predator, the humble ladybug.

But where on earth would I get them?! Where you get anything and everything of course, Costco. Order them online and they come delivered straight to your door. So here is what you need to know if you’re interested in doing this too:

1. The ladybugs come in a bag. Put that bag immediately into the fridge. That makes them dormant (they will look dead but don’t worry, they’re snoozing)


3. They are to be released only in the evening after the hot sun is gone. Lightly water the foliage so they can have a nice drink when they are released.

4. Only release a handful at a time every night over a period of a week. Return the bag to the fridge between releases.

5. Like I said, the bugs are going to look dead when you take them out of the fridge. Take the bag outside and let them warm up and in a few minutes you will see them moving.

6. Open the bag and gently tap a few at the base of each plant. They will make their way up as they search for food and water.

7. Close the bag and return the rest to the fridge for the next release.

8. Ladybugs will only stay in your garden if there is food. Once the pests are gone you can expect to see them leave in search of more food. I’ve had some stay and even hibernate in my garage over the winter! They huddle in corners – it’s so cute.

Well there you have it! I’ve had so much success with them that I’ve been getting them every year. Plus the kids get a kick out of releasing them and spotting them in the garden.

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