In a previous post, I sang praises for the Aztec Healing Clay mask and now I am going to talk about the Instagram favorite Sand and Sky Clay mask.

I admit I fell for all those Instagram posts about the mask and decided to try it for myself. It took a while to convince myself to buy it because it is not cheap. It retails for $65 CAD and it is a small tub, but I was on one of my shopping highs and clicked BUY.

It is a pink clay mask….how can you not love that? It also comes with a super soft application brush that makes applying the mask a breeze. When they say “a little goes a long way” they are right. You do not need a lot to cover your entire face and neck as a thick layer is not needed. As it dries, the color goes from pink to white (you can see it starting to change in the picture below) and after ten minutes, rinse with warm water and continue with your regular skin routine.

Side note: How cute is this cat mask headband from Etude House? It’s only $3.99!

I hate to admit that I really love this mask. I wish I didn’t because of the price but considering that I use it once a week, it lasts me 6 months, which makes it worth it. I love the smell and how my skin feels after using it; clean and refreshed.

So how does this compare to the Aztec Healing mask, a cult favorite. Here are some comparisons:

  1. Time wise, the Sand and Sky mask only stays on for 10 minutes while the Healing mask can stay on for 30 minutes. So if time is short, the Sand and Sky wins.
  2. The Healing mask comes in a powder that needs to be mixed with water or apple cider vinegar before application. The Sand and Sky is ready to go which also saves time.
  3. The Healing mask can be messy to take off. The Sand and Sky is a simple wipe off with warm water.
  4. HOWEVER, in terms of which one gives a deeper clean, the Healing mask wins. It is always my go to mask when I feel like my skin is congested and needs to be revitalized.

So why do I still buy the Sand and Sky mask? It works and it is a fast way to give your skin the boost it needs. I have three kids, so I don’t always have time to prepare the Healing mask and wait 30 minutes. That’s where the Sand and Sky mask comes in to save my face.

If you decide to give it a try, help this mommy feed her kids and click on the links above. Happy masking!

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